Hospital Holloware

Mahika Medical Pvt. Ltd. manufactures high quality corrosion resistant stainless steel hospital hollowware and high grade plastic hollowware used in hospitals, medical facilities, laboratories etc. Our range of quality Kidney trays, bed pans, urinals, douch cans, steel dust bins, surgical instrument trays, gallipot, sputum mugs, dressing drums, forceps jars etc. are manufactured using state of the art machinery resulting in high acceptance in the healthcare industry.

Hospital Holloware

AHW-130 100x50mm (4x2 in)

AHWE-124 100x50mm (4x2 in)


Spitting Mug with Lid, Stainless Steel

AHW-131 250 mm, 10 in

AHW-132 280 mm, 11 in

AHW-133 300 mm, 12 in


Bucket Stainless Steel with Cover, Seamless, Economy

AHW-134 300mm, 12 in

AHW-135 350mm, 14 in

AHW-136 400mm, 16 in


Wash Basin Stainless Steel, Heavy

AHW-137         85mm, 3.25 in

AHW-138         100mm, 4 in

AHW-139         120mm, 4.75 in

AHW-140         140mm, 5.5 in

AHW-141         160mm, 6.25 in

Bowl Solution, Stainless Steel

AHW -145


Baby Tray


Cidex Tray

AHW-147        50ml., without Lid

AHW-148        100ml., without Lid

AHW-149        150ml., with Lid

AHW-150        250ml., with Lid


Gallipot, Stainless Steel

AHW-151           With Heavy Base, 2x7.25 in

AHW-152           With Heavy Base, 2x7.25 in


Foreceps Jar Stainless Steel



Thermometer Jar, Stainless Steel

AHW-103 225 X 225 mm (9 x 9 in.)
AHW-104 275 X 240 mm (11 x 9.5 in.)
AHW-105 275 X 125 mm (11 x 5 in.)
AHW-106 350 X 240 mm (14 x 9.5 in.)

Dressing Drum, Stainless Steel


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