ALI-40 Environmental Test Chamber Eco Friendly: (With Cooling)

Specially designed double walled with internal chamber stainless steel 304 grade and outside mild steel sheet,stoving painted and inbetween puf insulation is filled. Chamber provides controlled temperature from 10°C to 60°C ±0.2°C andhumidity from 40% to 98% ± 2%. Temperature andhumidity is controlled by PID Micro Processor controller dual display with safety alarm. Inside glass door and stainless steel water tank is provided. SS Tubing Heater U shape takes care of temperature above ambient and CFC-free compressor with R134 refrigerant maintains temperature below ambient. Humidity is created by means of steam. Has a built in automatic voltage stabilizer.Works on 230 volts AC.

SIZE (W X D X H) Capacity (Approx.)
455 x 455 x 710 mm 147 Litres
610 x 610 x 610 mm 227 Litres
610 x 610 x 910 mm 339 Litres

Note : Use only distilled water.


Environmental Test Chamber Eco Friendly