ALI-17 Laboratory Incubator with Perfect System

In this system there is one path of circulating hot air between the inner chamber and insulation. Forced air moved by the motorized blower is called PERFECT SYSTEM. It results in minimum temperature variation at any point in working space. Temperature controlled by PID Micro Processor controller dual display with safety alarm from 5°C above ambient to 70°C with a sensitivity of ± 0.1°C in Bare Incubator. Working chamber is made of Stainless steel 304 grade and outside is made of mild steel painted with good stoving enamel with adjustable wire mesh,nickle plated trays. Works on 220/230 Volts A.C. supply.

Size Inside chamber (Width x Ht. x Depth)

Approx. Litres Trays
350×350×350mm (14”×14”×14”) 43 2
450×450×450mm (18”×18”×18”) 91 2
450×600×450mm (18”×24”×18”) 122 2
600×600×600mm (24”×24”×24”) 216 2
600×900×450mm (24”×36”×18”) 243 3
600×900×900mm (24”×36”×24”) 324 3

Optional Accessories:
1. Digital timer of 99.59 Hours can also be Provided at an extra cost

Note : Item should always be placed on shelf and not directly on oor.


Laboratory Incubator with Perfect System