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A convenient table model that can be operated with either hand having 2 keys and 1 totalizer unit, for use with a microscope to count the meta-myelocytes, basophil, monocytes, lymphocytes, polycytes and a window for other miscellaneous cells. Each key can record up to 999 with the exception of the totalizer unit which records the total number of strokes made on all the other keys. At totals of 100, 200, 300, etc., the totalizer unit rings a bell. The keys are positioned low, allowing the wrist to rest on the table and registers are located above the corresponding key for continuous visibility. A reset knob at either end of the counter can turn all the keys to zero after completion of counting.

  • ABS Outer Shell.
  • Individually Packed in Rexin Box.
  • Heavy Duty.

Customisation Options:

  • Key Colors
  • Base Metal
  • Packaging
  • Blood Cell Counter 2 Key / Blood Cell Counter / Manual Blood Cell Counter / CBC
  • Brand : Ambygo
  • Indian Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Medical Products, Surgical Equipment, Hospital Products, Blood Cell Counter 2 Key to United States of America (USA)
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