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ULV Stainless Steel Fogger

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  • Ambygo ULV Fogger provides excellent control of droplet size, even for near invisible 0.5 to 10 micron droplets.
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel Body.
  • Tank Capacity : 4.5 Litre.
  • Ambygo ULV Stainless Steel Fogger comes with 0-60 mins Manual Timer.
  • Smaller droplet size ensures greater coverage, reducing application time and labour costs.
  • Droplet size is adjustable through an easy to use control just in case you need larger droplets.
  • Manual Timer included.
  • Fogger Machine / Fumigation machine / ULV Fogger / Sanitization Machine / Laboratory Fogger / Hospital OT Fogger
  • Brand : Ambygo®
  • We are an Indian based Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of ULV Stainless Steel Fogger.
  • Our range of Ambygo ULV Medical Foggers are ideal for Sterilization of OT, Clinics, Hospitals etc.
  • Usage of Ambygo ULV Foggers is for pest control, disinfectant purposes such as in hospitals, laboratories and in food industry.
  • Ambygo range of ULV foggers are manufactured with adjustable flow regulators to better control the rate of flow and fog droplet size.
  • We are a leading Manufacturer of Ambygo ulv fogger, fogging machine for operation theatre and 360 degree rotation fogging machine.
  • Applications of ULV fogger includes Disinfection in Pharma, Clean Rooms, Healthcare, Biotech, Dairy, Pest Control, Food Processing, Hatcheries etc.
  • Availability of Ambygo ULV foggers is all across India from Kerala to Jammu and Kashmir and from Gujarat to the North-East states.
  • We export Ambygo ULV foggers to regions like Africa and Middle East.
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